Issue 130: A New Friend

I loved Mary Ann and Taranee’s dynamic.
They really were such great friends to one another. 
I was kinda hoping Mary Ann was magical herself and they could bond over that but she’s perfect the way she is. 
Taranee is such a good friend

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Little Prince

I had to draw Prince Phobos this way, because even one of the most feared villains must have been a cute child once.

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Even though I’ve not read it (due to being overseas the time it was in stores) am I really proud that the author of my favorite fantasy bookseries, Phenomena, has written a published fanfiction about my favorite magical girl comic/series, W.i.t.c.h.! It has even been translated to multiple languages!

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The awkward moment when you realize that all those W.I.T.C.H. books we had were actually fanfiction! I never knew that…
Still, they were pretty rad!

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okay… so, do you remember when the witch girls gone to Kandrakar for the first time and it ends up being a troubled trip and they fall asleep and have several nightmares and Yan Lin wakes them up chanting something in Chinese? I’m putting part of the comic to help you remember. 

Well I never knew for sure the meaning of this song (they put some eighth notes to resemble a song the Brazilian version), and if it was  written correctly (you know, how can I guarantee that the staff will actually write something in Chinese in a children’s magazine) 

Well, I’m writing a Winx and Witch crossover, and I wanted to use this song. so I tried to translate what was written. You can realize that the writing of this Chinese ‘song’ changes from comics in diferents lenguages, but even so, I tried to translate the Brazilian version, (and yes, I suspected the excesses of ‘k’ and ‘n’, but okay). The translation was very difficult, I found a table with the pronunciation of  Chinese phonemes but it was useless, because those were only phonemes not the words themselves. I tried with goole translator and discover a few words that possessed these phonemes, but putting the words side by side dosn’t form a meaningful sentence (it was something like “Someone now at the Queensland certainly looks back”) And not only that, any  word with different accents have different meanings

When I was almost givin up I googled the words: li, tui, kan and ken (removing some k and n) and do you know what I found? There are one thing that gathers together these “words” the Ba Gua. Searching more about the ba gua, I noticed that there were different ways of writing the trigrams, but all with a very similar sound! The eight trigrams perfectly match with the eight words Yan Lin recites:

Li - fire
Kun (k’un) - earth
Tui (dui) - lake
kien (ch’ien or Qian) - sky
kan (k’an) - water
ken (gen) - mountain
cen (chen or zhen) - thunder
sun (xun) - wind

Btw the words in parentheses are the correct form!!! 
But not only that, Yan Lin sings in the exact order! Here’s a bagua to compare!

You guys have no idea how i am happy to discover that!
Somehow, W.I.T.C.H. turns even more magical!

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