When your animators change your character so you can fit in the awful snob rich blonde trope.


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aand here is my Elyon cosplay! waiting for better photos

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The W.I.T.C.H. graphic novels actually taught me a ton about drawing, poses, color, etc. I used to copy from the books to learn. It’s also the closest thing to manga/anime that I ever got into. 

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I used to LOVE W.i.t.c.h. so much but I recently found out that the original creators were replaced and removed from the project starting the 7th volume. You can also notice it with characters like ( Cornelia and Elyon) act different and somehow had a backstory that wasn’t mentioned. The creators wanted to involve the girl more into a dark-magic story while Disney shifted the focus to teenage drama. Makes me sad.

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yeah..i keep repeating this like a broken record, heh.

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fictional crushes are weird to explain to people

how do i say that i’m attracted to a shapeshifter whose real form is a huge ass snake without sounding crazy?

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