Went out for a walk and a bit of art supply hunting on Saturday, and I remembered that somebody told me that on the book bazaar they saw old W.I.T.C.H. issues, so ofc I had to go and see if they were right… and they were! I walked out with 19 issues, with only one being a “duplicate” - issue 13, since that was the first W.I.T.C.H. issue I have EVER found and bought (and maybe for that reason it is also my favourite issue) and as you can see on the second pic, mine just couldn’t really handle all the love and looks a bit shabby now, so I decided to “retire” it. I also have a suspicion that I have issue 33 over at my parents’ house (still haven’t moved all my issues to my place), but decided not to risk it and just got that one too. 

All of the other issues I bought are ones I do not have in my collection (I didn’t buy only one that I don’y have, cuz it was practically falling apart) They’re pretty random numbers and I am kinda sad I didn’t went to check earlier…and I forgot to ask the person if they might bring other ones too, seeing as a friend of mine told me that last time he checked the seller, he barely had anything W.I.T.C.H. related. 
The issues are in perfect condition from what I managed to see while flipping through them, but some have the posters missing (tho it seems newer ones never had posters to begin with, what disappointment D: ) and one or two issues had some pencil marks on tests.. I have no problems with that, doesn’t really bother me. 
The whole thing costed me 9.50 leva, which is around 4.87 euros or 6.21 dollars…for 19 issues, that’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 
Aside from that I managed to snag me a Hay Lin notebook and I have had the absolutely same one in the past that I used for one of my classes (what waste of a perfectly good notebook D: ) I loved these and the tinier, more square-shaped ones. Sadly I don’t really see them on sale anymore, otherwise I’d purchase tons of them (and probably never use them for anything. Still not sure what to do with my new Hay Lin one… or if I wanna use it at all xD

So, yes… I had a very WITCH-y weekend and I am still super hyped from my new babies <3

also, it’s the spoopiest month and I just passed 666 followers! (omg, tons of love to you all <3)
call it what you will, but this is no coincidence to me! :D 

sorry for the long ramble; 
tell me if you too have found something cool recently :3c

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I edited some older photos of my Will cosplay! Have some colour on your dash!

Will Vandom

Photos by Kifia, edits by yours truly

Animecon 2013, Finland

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